S Performance Discs on Sale!

sia abrasives’ new S Performance range of 1948, 1950 and 1960 discs are now available for purchase, replacing our older FiboTec range of paper discs. Take advantage of sia’s new and improved S Performance discs and obtain the following benefits:

Optimised air flows guarantee maximum extraction performance of the multi-hole sanding discs in the new S Performance range from sia Abrasives. Sanding dust is therefore extracted more efficiently and the lifetime is increased. In addition, the hole design reduces dust emissions. The new discs are available for a wide range of applications.

Click here for a video demonstration of S Performance!

Strong and efficient – saves time and money

  • High stock removal for fast work
    The removal rate is achieved by the dust being directly extracted at its source.
  • Long lifetime
    Thanks to fewer sanding disc blockages, the lifetime can be extended. The abrasive needs to be changed less frequently,which means that there are hardly any work interruptions.

Simple and practical – makes your work easier

  • Simple positioning of the sanding disc
    The sanding disc can be easily positioned and can be quickly attached to the backing pad.
  • Convenient mounting
    Thanks to the centre hole, the sanding disc can be mounted conveniently and without any issues.

Clean and safe – enhances the dust-free process

  • Better occupational health and safety
    Practically dust-free work significantly improves working conditions. Reduced exposure to sanding dust is good for employees’ health.
  • No dirty machines or work-pieces
    Reduced residual dust facilitates and accelerates machine and work-piece cleaning
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